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    = phone support 
    Departmental filing system. Enables user to identify each record type
    within department. Browse mode allows user to add, change, delete and
    search any record with touch of key. Retains all destroyed records as
    audit trail. Includes file removal and prints destruction lists based
    on future date. Fully compatible with AIS-File-C.- 
    Multi-level file classification system designed to index, retrieve and
    control departmental information. Maintains a retention schedule that
    enables users to identify each record type within the department and
    contains such information as record series description, media type,
    governing laws, vital records and security codes and length of time
    the record is retained in active and inactive storage. Utilizes
    retention schedule to compute file removal and destruction dates. File
    folder information includes file number, description, date range of
    the record and file location. Computes file removal and destruction
    dates in accordance with the current folder location, date of record
    and corresponding retention period as identified in the retention
    schedule. Supports keyword indexing that incorporates Boolean logic.
    An interactive browse mode allows users to add, change, delete and
    search any record, set a filter to display any combination of
    inactive, active or history records, view files alphabetically or
    numerically and perform keyword search, check or edit functions.
    Prints file folder labels and retains all destroyed records as an
    audit trail. Prints file removal and destruction lists. Assigns
    rights restricting access to individual functions to each operator
    using the system. Allows operators to assign their own passwords and
    function keys.= 640 KB 
    = No 
    EMS= No 
    MOUSE= No 
    = $1,500-$3,000 
    = 150 
    = 1990 
      Assured Information Systems, Inc.
          Assured Information Systems, Inc.