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NIKA_ROOT Microrim, Inc.
R:Base (V.4.5)
    R:Base (V.4.5)
    R:Base (V.4.5)
      = Maint. fee $99 per yr.; toll-free phone support 
      RDBMS featuring visual pull-down menu interface, ANSI 89 SQL compliant
      and dynamic read/write of dBase files. Includes integrated query,
      edit, browse, query-by-example and word wrap capabilities. Allows
      user to default to and customize Quick Forms and Quick Reports.
      Includes applications generator. 32-bit version available.- 
      Features a visual pull-down menu interface, 100 percent ANSI Level 2
      SQL and dynamic read/write of dBase files. The interface provides
      pull-down menus with cascading sub-menus. Navigational aids explain
      lines, dialog boxes, and pop-up lists for data and functions.
      Provides full mouse support, and user-defined descriptions for tables,
      columns, labels, and reports. Includes context-sensitive help.
      Database size is limited only by hardware capacity. Accommodates up
      to 80 tables and views per database, 800 fields per database, 400
      fields per table, and supports 80 tables in use concurrently. Allows
      more than two million rows per database/per table. Row/record size
      allows 4,096 characters. Supports 4,092 characters per column except
      for NOTE type. Handles 20 computed columns/fields per table, and
      table, column, variable and view names of up to 18 characters. The
      ability to Query, Browse and Edit is integrated in one menu. Creates
      relational views which dynamically use data from one to five existing
      tables. Supports QBE, Heuristic Query Optimization, Computed columns
      on-the-fly, up to five tables linked in a query, and numerous types of
      selection criteria including equal to, greater than, less than, like,
      not like, In and Not in. Provides indexes to speed searches. Handles
      up to 400 indexes per table and puts no restrictions on use of indexed
      tables. Provides Rules to ensure data integrity when entering and
      editing data. Also provides Data Validation, Rules on computed
      columns, and Rules on SQL WHERE clauses.
      = 2.5 MB 
      = 4 MB 
      = No 
      EMS= Yes 
      MOUSE= No 
      = $795 (PC); $895 (OS/2); $995 (LAN) 
      = 200,000 
      = 1993