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NIKA_ROOT Microrim, Inc.
R:Base for Vanguard
    R:Base for Vanguard
    R:Base for Vanguard
        LAN Manager
      Enhanced version of Microrim's R:Base that provides transparent data
      access to Oracle, Ingres or Rdb databases on VAX. Includes 4GL with
      integrated SQL data manipulation language that is ANSI Level II
      compliant. Allows user to access and manipulate server and PC data in
      real-time while providing support for security of server database.- 
      Enables PC users to access SQL Server data on an OS/2 Server. Acts as
      the client to an SQL Server OS/2 database residing on the server.
      Provides ad hoc data management tools for accessing SQL Server data
      including browse, edit and report capabilities. Also serves as a
      development environment with forms tools, an application generator for
      prototyping, a 4GL and full ANSI SQL support. Allows updates to
      real-time server data. Allows users to instruct R:BASE for Vanguard
      to create corresponding database schema and tables in SAL Server by
      using SQL passthrough commands. Maintains security and concurrency
      control provided by the SQL Server database management system.
      Seamlessly connects the existing SQL Server OS/2 database with the PC
      client. Provides the ability to update SQL Server data interactively.
      Offers simultaneous access to R:BASE data, dBase data and SQL Server
      data. Provides transparent integration of local data and server data.
      Provides the ability to selectively log into SQL Server, Ingres, Rdb
      or Oracle from the R:BASE menu system. Utilizes IPX/SPX or LAN
      manager. Offers 80 tables and views per database, 80 tables in use
      concurrently and over two billion rows per database or table. Handles
      currency +/- $99,999,999,999,999.99, integers +/- 1,999,999,999, and
      numeric and decimals up to 15 digits precision or scale. Provides
      unlimited reports per table and forms per table. Handles five pages
      per form and five tables per form.
      = 1 MB 
      = 7 MB 
      = $995 
      = 1991