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JAM Transaction Processing Interface (JAM/TPi) 7
    JAM Transaction Processing Interface (JAM/TPi) 7
    Middleware and Connectivity Tools
        = 1996 
    A cross-platform tool for building three-tier enterprise applications. Lets
    developers codelessly build the messaging and transaction-control
    mechanisms needed to distribute logic across three different systems,
    through middleware products such as Tuxedo. Because JAM-built distributed
    online transaction processing (DOLTP) systems provide sophisticated load
    balancing, data abstraction, and fault tolerance features, users can easily
    integrate new data sources and database products. Lets developers build
    both the client and application server components of three-tier
    applications. The Transaction Manager generates commands that request
    services from a remote application server. To the client developer, these
    requests look like normal subroutine calls. The resulting DOLTP systems
    provide a scalable infrastructure for building high-performance enterprise
    applications. Additional application servers can be deployed to service
    even more end users without requiring client changes. Application servers
    are constructed by copying application objects associated with database
    access to virtual "screens" that run on the application server. Because the
    client and server objects are derived from the same parent objects in the
    Visual Object Repository, consistency between client and application server
    is assured. Supports most platforms, GUIs, and relational databases.
    Pricing starts at $8750 per developer.= Pricing starts at $8750 per developer 
    = 1996 
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