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Iconic Query (V.1.1)
    Iconic Query (V.1.1)
      Windows 3.X
      Windows 3.X
      LAN Manager
    = support agreement available 
    Graphical query tool which allows users to visually create queries
    on-screen. Supports graphics, reporting features and query
    capabilities. Replaces query language used by developers with icons
    to get information from databases. Includes Paradox and dBase
    drivers. Provides support for hypertext help and ability to
    incorporate 3D graphics into applications. Includes WYSIWYG reporting
    and label generation capabilities.= 4 MB 
    = 4 MB 
    = No 
    EMS= No 
    MOUSE= Yes 
    = EGA 
    = $290 (stand-alone); $690 (network) 
    = 1993