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HyperStar 2.2
    HyperStar 2.2
    Middleware and Connectivity Tools
        = 1996 
    A family of client/server middleware products that enable transparent,
    read/write access to corporate databases on more than 30 different
    platforms, including popular DBMSs and open systems hardware. Allows almost
    any front-end tool or application, such as PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, or
    Lotus 1–2–3, to access existing back-end databases such as Oracle, Sybase,
    and VMark's uniVerse. Based on an advanced object-oriented, client/server
    architecture, it eliminates the multiple layers of middleware and gateway
    products. Lets clients work with a wide selection of servers.
      VMark Software Inc.
        = Westboro, MA 508–366–3888 
        HTTP= http://www.vmark.com ->