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EasyCASE Professional 4.2 for Windows: Workgroup Edition
    EasyCASE Professional 4.2 for Windows: Workgroup Edition
    CASE, Database Design, and Modeling Tools
        = 1996 
    A data- and process-modeling tool that automates the analysis and design
    phases of application development. Captures system design details, letting
    users create graphical models of system applications. Supports transaction
    processing to full-scale client/server database applications and real-time
    system design. Offers a large selection of structured methodologies,
    including Yourdon/DeMarco, Gane & Sarson, Ward-Mellor, Martin, and IDEF1X.
    Development teams can use EasyCASE, which provides concurrent, multiuser
    access to projects on a network server. Security features include locking
    at the chart, data-dictionary record, and team-wide levels; user passwords
    and permissions; and read-only and lockout modes. Offers online access to
    an integrated data-dictionary repository, rules, and extensive reporting.
    For forward- (schema generation) and reverse-engineering of SQL, Xbase,
    Access, and Paradox database applications, add EasyCASE Database Engineer
    (DBE). For PowerBuilder application development, add EasyCASE Database
    Engineer for PowerBuilder (DBE/PB). EasyCASE Professional 4.2: $995;
    Professional-DBE bundle: $1495; Professional-DBE/PB bundle: $1795.= : $995; Professional-DBE bundle: $1495; Professional-DBE/PB bundle: $1795 
    = 1996 
      Evergreen Software Tools Inc.