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EDA/SQL Product Family
    EDA/SQL Product Family
    A family of client/server products that provide SQL-based and transactional
    access to more than 60 relational and nonrelational database structures
     on more than 35 hardware platforms. Consists of: EDA Server and gateway
     products, which are host- or server-based components that process requests
     against the underlying legacy applications and data structures; API/SQL,
     a call-level API available on 35 platforms; EDA/Link, a modular system
     of communication interfaces that support all leading protocols transparently;
     and EDA value-added application products, which extend EDA to applications
     using popular client/server APIs such as QMF, PowerBuilder, ODBC, and
     DB-Lib. The EDA product line also includes tools for specific middleware
     functions such as Enterprise Copy Management and metadata management,
     as well as facilities to support messaging and heterogeneous database
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