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    DBA Tools
    The Delphi product line consists of Delphi for MVS and Delphi for Windows.
    Delphi for Windows is a cross-platform Oracle performance desktop that
    provides a Windows GUI to display and analyze Oracle performance
    information on a PC. When used to monitor Oracle instances or non-MVS
    platforms, Delphi for Windows provides a GUI display of information from
    the Oracle dynamic performance tables. Delphi for MVS is a real-time
    performance monitor for Oracle on the MVS platform. It provides
    comprehensive statistical and accounting data. Delphi combines information
    from the Oracle dynamic performance tables, information from the IBM MVS
    operating system, and transparent instrumentation of the target database.
    Delphi gives database administrators concise, usable data about the
    performance of their database system. When used to monitor an Oracle
    instance under MVS, where Delphi instrumentation is installed, Delphi for
    Windows provides the full information of Delphi in GUI form.
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