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DataPivot for Windows (V.1.1)
    DataPivot for Windows (V.1.1)
      Windows 3.X
      Windows 3.X
    =30-day phone support 
    Data manipulation and reporting tool. Helps users to reorganize
    database and spreadsheet information for analysis and presentation.- 
    This data manipulation and reporting tool imports data from any host
    query tool, micro database, spreadsheet, or text file and manipulates
    and views data from different perspectives. Uses point-and-click and
    drag-and-drop methods for formatting reports with imported data.
    Arranges source data without any retyping. The program allows the user
    to extract subsets of data, build cross-tabs, define functions and
    compute totals. Automatically recalculates the report when any data
    is updated. Builds reusable report templates with multiple fonts and
    formats. Accounts for increase/decrease in number of records and
    places the data in the proper positions. Supports data export to
    spreadsheet, graphing or page layout programs. Data is
    imported/exported in popular file formats. Supports System 7's
    Publish and Subscribe features for sharing current information with
    other applications and for picking up data published by any
    application or query tool running on the same machine or anywhere else
    on the network. Supports Windows' DDE for exchange of information
    between Windows programs. Provides ten built-in mathematical
    functions. Supports user-defined formulas, multi-level sorting,
    SmartTotals, up to 15 nested subtotals and user-defined groups by
    range or discrete values. Includes SmartFonts for multiple font
    control and SmartFormats with 20 pre-defined formats and extensible
    display options.=2 MB 
    =665 KB