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DSS Server 3.0
    DSS Server 3.0
    Query, Reporting, and Analysis Tools
        = 1996 
      Windows NT
    A relational OLAP server that leverages existing data warehouses and gives
    users OLAP capabilities without imposing the limitations of proprietary
    multidimensional repositories. Provides a high-performance OLAP engine for
    analysis of internal and external data. The SQL engine generates
    RDBMS-specific, performance-optimized SQL execution plans for
    user-specified information requests. The OLAP engine supports advanced OLAP
    metrics such as market share, contribution, this year vs. last year, and so
    on. Also provides a rule-based query governor, a warehouse administrator, a
    job scheduler, and an API. Releases client machines for other tasks while
    DSS analyses are executed, warehouses are performance-tuned by utilizing
    query transaction logs and DBMS processing is load-leveled. Available on
    Windows NT.
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