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DBGeneral Performance Monitor for Oracle & Sybase
    DBGeneral Performance Monitor for Oracle & Sybase
        = 1997 
    A Windows-based performance monitor for Oracle, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL
     Servers. Retrieves and displays key performance statistics in real time,
     which lets DBAs identify and correct performance problems. Distributed
     agent architecture allows for monitoring of one or more Oracle, Sybase,
     or SQL Server databases in any hardware/network environment with or without
     the PC client running. Key statistics such as CPU utilization, memory
     utilization by session/process, detailed locking information, detailed
     session/process information including SQL code that a session or process
     is executing, and other statistics can be displayed in tabular reports
     or as animated trend graphs. Event management capabilities provide many
     different options for identifying potential problems and notifying the
     DBA if a problem occurs. Actions supported include dialing pagers, execution
     of custom SQL scripts, SNMP, email, and visual console alerts.= 1996 
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