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        = 1996 
        = 1997 
    ClassAssist provides features and facilities that make Visual Basic classes
     more OOP-like, more powerful, and easier to use. ClassAssist consists
     of three major elements. An intuitive IDE creates and manages heirarchies
     ot reusable classes. The IDE also supports team development with integrated
     check-in and check-out facilities. A set of five visual base classes lets
     you derive new classes that let you create specialized custom controls
     using Visual Basic code. Sheridan WinAPI Oblets are programmable objects
     that simplify access to Windows API when developing your classes. Oblets
     extend Visual Basic syntax by becoming part of the language, much like
     Visual Basic database objects. ClassAssist allows the creation of reusable
     classes via a point-and-click interface. It also features the Class Explorer,
     which shows the relationship between the classes the developer has created
     in a clear, easy-to-read outline view. ClassAssist is listed at $249.= ClassAssist is listed at $249 
    = 1997 
    = 1996 
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