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Choreo 2.0 for Visual Basic 4.0
    Choreo 2.0 for Visual Basic 4.0
    Client/Server and Host Application Development Tools
        = 1996 
      Windows 95
      Windows NT
    developers create high-performance, multiuser applications for Windows NT
    and Windows 95. Choreo's model-driven data access engine manages all
    client/server database interactions. Performs data access operations by
    automatically generating optimized SQL queries at runtime to retrieve and
    update data. Automatically manages database connections, cursors, queries,
    logon security, locking, and transactions. Synchronizes the display of data
    across all forms. The Navigation Toolbar provides sophisticated record
    navigation and search functions with no code. Uses industry-standard ODBC
    drivers, using the ODBC API for optimal performance. Additional database
    drivers support features of Oracle7 and Sybase SQL Server not implemented
    in ODBC. Users can choose between pessimistic or optimistic locking and
    configure advanced data caching for maximum performance.
      CenterView Software Inc.
        = S. San Francisco, CA 415–266–7000, 800–424–6736