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    CA-IDMS/PC LanPack
    = support agreement available 
    Multi-user, dictionary-driven database server for PC LANs. Includes
    shared multi-user environment for data dictionary and user database
    access, development/execution compatibility with CA-IDMS/DB and
    CA-ADS, DBMS, language support for CA-ADS/PC, COBOL, COBOL-DC,
    COBOL-CICS, SQL, C and DMLE, dictionary report, migration facilities,
    user database utilities, batch generation and windowing facilities.- 
    Multi-user, dictionary-driven database management and application
    development/execution system. Compatible with mainframe CA-IDMS /DB
    and CA-ADS in both development and execution modes. Users can design,
    code, generate, test and run production CA-IDMS and CA-ADS
    applications on a local network of PCs. Includes a database engine, an
    active integrated data dictionary, CA-ADS/PC, an SQL reporting
    facility, and support for COBOL-BATCH, COBOL-DC, COBOL-CICS and C. An
    import/export facility allows the porting of application and database
    components between mainframe and PC. Features a client-server
    architecture for multi-user support. Application
    development/execution takes place at the client server. Shared
    dictionary/database access takes place at the database server. The
    database server provides full journaling and restart/recovery
    capabilities. Includes remote console support for operation of the
    database server from a remote node to enable the database server to be
    placed in a secure, remote location. Maintains software integrity by
    automatically distributing updated program modules to each node that
    signs onto the database server whenever a system module is updated on
    the database server.
      data dictionary
      database server
    = 4 MB 
    = 10 MB 
    = Yes 
    EMS= Yes 
    MOUSE= No 
    = 1985