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NIKA_ROOT CA-DATAQUERY/PC Computer Associates International, Inc. => Computer Associates International, Inc.
      = support agreement available 
      Execution-only dictionary-driven DBMS. Includes query/update database
      integrity verification, reporting, database recovery, multiple
      database support and concurrent usage. Language support includes SQL,
      CA-ADS/PC, COBOL-Batch, COBOL-DC, COBOL-CICS, DMLO and C. Allows
      execution of CA-IDMS applications in multi-user LAN environment.- 
      Allows users on a local area network to share the database on a
      central PC. One or more runtime systems can be attached to the server
      to establish a multi-user production environment running
      high-performance applications on a local area network of PCs. Allows
      existing CA-IDMS/DB and CA-ADS applications that have been ported from
      CA-IDMS/PC to execute in a multi-user, shared environment on a local
      area network of PCs. The database component is modeled after
      CA-IDMS/DB. As on the mainframe, this DBMS includes a
      high-performance engine with record locking, area locking and all
      other properties necessary to support a high-performance application.
      Extended memory permits large CA-ADS and COBOL applications to be
      ported to and executed on CA-IDMS/PC, establishing applications that
      run independently or, optionally, interoperate between mainframe and
      workstation. Applications written in LRF are supported by the runtime
      environment. Multiple dictionary support allows the user to have
      several active IDDs per PC and access to the selected dictionary.
      Multiple versions of a database sharing the same schema definition can
      be active simultaneously on a single database server, allowing users
      to access different physical data sets without manual intervention.
      = 4 MB 
      = 5 MB 
      = Yes 
      EMS= Yes 
      MOUSE= No 
      = 1985