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C-Vision 4.0
    C-Vision 4.0
    Code Analysis, Documentation, and Testing Tools
        = 1996 
    Includes four main components: a cross-referencer, a function-call
    diagrammer, a reformatter, and an intelligent source-code lister. Supports
    K&R, ANSI C, and ANSI/ISO C++, and uses DOS-extender technology to handle
    large applications when run on a 386 or faster. Lister prints outlined
    listings of code. The cross-referencer provides detailed symbol
    descriptions including symbol usage (assigned, declared, and address used)
    and type information. The tree diagrammer is customizable to show different
    views of code (to flow downward or upward).
      Gimpel Software
        = Collegeville, PA 610–584–4261