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Q&A (V.4.0)
Q&A (V.4.0)
    Q&A (V.4.0)
      LAN Manager
    =Free phone support; tech support via BBS; tech 
    support via on-line access- 
    Integrated flat-file database and word processor. Understands
    English-like queries. Provides record locking, password protection,
    programmable forms, data entry validation and table view of forms.
    Word processor accommodates up to 9 different fonts in each document,
    mail merge, built-in support of mailing labels, 100,000-word spelling
    checker and other features. Creates numerous reports.- 
    Integrated flat-file database and word processor which tracks mailing
    lists, inventory systems and handles all correspondence and reporting
    needs. Database features include the ability to handle edit data in
    table view and form view, look up data from external Q&A databases and
    to post data external Q&A databases. Provides direct look-up of data
    from dBase files, preformats data with field templates, and includes
    programmable functions including Math, Statistical and Financial.
    Programming statements including subroutines, assignments and look-ups
    are provided. The field editor allows 32K of data per field, and
    includes a full set of search options. There is a direct link to SQL,
    allowing the user to retrieve specific data from a SQL table, use the
    system to manipulate SQL data, and to query, report and merge with SQL
    data. Support for most popular SQL Servers is provided. Word
    processing features include on-screen page attributes, page preview,
    and mail merge with multiple databases. Includes 50 predefined
    formats for mailing label and envelope printing. Accommodates up to
    nine different fonts per document, and provides scalable font support.
    Also included are a 100,000 word built-in spelling checker, and a
    660,000 word built-in thesaurus. Hot-links with Lotus' 1–2–3 and
    Symphony programs. Reporting functions include the ability to build
    columnar and crosstabular reports. Saves up to 200 report
    specifications per database, and allows the user to view report
    enhancements on-screen with Report Preview. Accommodates up to nine
    different fonts per report and allows for 50 maximum columns and sort
      data security
      forms manager
      personal information manager (PIM)
      report management
      text retrieval
      word processing and text editing
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