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4D Enterprise
    4D Enterprise
    Client/Server and Host Application Development Tools
        = 1996 
    A client/server, front-end application development environment. Users can
    connect to Oracle, Sybase, or other SQL servers. Licensed for one developer
    and for unlimited deployment. Designed as a developer tool, its development
    kit is equipped with 4D Insider, a full-featured cross-referencing utility,
    and 4D Compiler Pro, a true machine language compiler for Macintosh and
    Windows. The product's deployment kit gives users two deployment options.
    The first is to use the runtime to deploy the application to any number of
    users. The second is to use this product as an application server. In this
    scenario, it is the central repository for the application; that is, the
    database reflects all changes and updates made at the user stations. This
    option gives users the current version of the application at all times.
      ACI US Inc.
        = Cupertino, CA 408–252–4444, 800–881–3466 
        HTTP= http://www.aci-4D.com ->