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    DB2 v.2, release 2 is relational SQL-based DBMS that is designed to
     exploit the potentional of large-scale mainframes. DB2 features cross-
     memory capabilities, expanded storage, multiple address spaces, and abroad
     range of high-level support subsystems such as storage and communications
     access methods. TSO, CICS, IMS DB/DC, and batch processing can access DB2.
     The system can store huge amounts of data including tables containing up
     to 64 gigabytes data. A sophisticated query optimizer improves performance.
     DB2 offers a number of methods for controlling access to data and programs
     including views, authority and ownership privileges, administrative authori-
     sation, password protection, and audit trace. DB2 offers a number of features
     that guard against subsystems, media, and application failures, and minimize
     the downtime of the system. It comes with over a dozen utility programs such
     as LOAD,REORG, RECOVER, REPAIR, etc. It provides three locking level to deal
     with problems of concurrent access. Version 2.2 provides access to distributed
     data accross multiple systems. DB2 conforms with SAA.