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NIKA_ROOT Aion Development System 6.4
    Aion Development System 6.4
    Client/Server and Host Application Development Tools
      IBM AIX
      Windows 3.1
      Windows 95
      Windows NT
    An application development environment for logically complex business
    applications. A member of Platinum Technology's Application Lifecycle
    Solutions family of products. Combines object-oriented programming with
    rules-based programming to enable development productivity for applications
    that must respond to rapidly changing business requirements. Improves
    flexibility through scalability, deployment options, and ease of business
    logic modification. Works with Platinum RuleServer, which is the server
    runtime for implementing a three-tier client/server architecture, and lets
    users extend the business logic of existing applications and create new
    distributed applications. Runs on Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT,
    OS/2, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Solaris, MVS/CICS, and MVS/IMS.