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JAM/CASE Interface 2.0
    JAM/CASE Interface 2.0
    CASE, Database Design, and Modeling Tools
        = 1996 
    An interactive and bidirectional bridge between JYACC's rapid application
    development tool, JAM, and Cadre's Teamwork, as well as Innovator, a German
    CASE tool. Lets users convert data-flow and entity-relationship diagrams
    created in Teamwork into platform- and database-independent JAM screens,
    complete with display attributes and a full range of data element edits and
    validations. JAM screens can also be generated directly from data elements
    contained in the Teamwork repository. Users can then continue to make
    refinements to application screens with JAM's authoring utilities. These
    refinements can be instantly reflected in the original Teamwork model. Also
    lets developers abstract data elements back into Teamwork composites.
    Pricing starts at $1800.= Pricing starts at $1800 
    = 1996 
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