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        = 1996 
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    A data reengineering tool that transforms legacy data from multiple sources
     into a consolidated view of customers, vendors, and other business entities.
     Accurate, reconditioned information can then be migrated to data warehouses,
     customer information systems, and client/server databases. Provides a
     toolkit and methodology to automate the investigation, standardization,
     transformation, and integration of large volumes of data. Works below
     the metadata level, operating on every data value or record occurrence,
     to identify data values that stray from their metadata field descriptions;
     to parse and gain "addressability" to multiple entities hidden in text
     fields (an absolute prerequisite for effective matching and consolidation);
     and to locate and match, without the benefit of common keys, related entities,
     attributes, and relationships hidden across millions of records. Provides
     insurance against information system failure from erroneous, inaccessible,
     and improperly consolidated information. Decomposes,rebuilds, and consolidates
     legacy data, and constructs tables according to an organizations business
     rules and requirements, thereby finding and preserving complex relationships
     between entities and simplifying mapping to the target database. For many
     users, it obviates the need for any data propagation tool beyond a database
     extract/load utility. While investigating and fixing legacy data, the
     product will also surface business information needed to build and validate
     a data model. $150-$225,000 on IBM MVS mainframes.= $150-$225,000 on IBM MVS mainframes 
    = 1997 
    = 1996 
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