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Informix-Online Dynamic Server 6.0
    Informix-Online Dynamic Server 6.0
    Database Servers and Host DBMSs
        = 1996 
    A multithreaded database server that exploits SMP and uniprocessor
    architectures to deliver database scalability, manageability, and
    performance. Core technology is based on Informix's Dynamic Scalable
    Architecture, a parallel database architecture available to help users
    manage increasingly larger, more complex databases while substantially
    improving overall system performance and scalability. Provides transaction
    processing, optimal decision support through new parallel data query
    technology, high availability, data integrity, administration capabilities,
    graphical monitoring tools, and multimedia capabilities. Supports
    Informix's line of SQL-based application development tools and a large
    number of third-party tools, and runs on a wide range of Unix-based
    computer systems in standalone or networked environments.
      Informix Software Inc.
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