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    Informix-OnLine is fault-tolerant multimedia database engine that enables
     to store and retrieve datatypes such as digitized sounds and images, graphics,
     spreadsheets, facsimiles, and word processing documents as ordinary fields
     in a database record. This datatypes (up to two gigabytes) can be stored on
     separate devices like traditional database data, and can be selected, updated,
     inserted, deleted and accessed from Informix's line of DBMS tools. OnLine
     supports mission-critical UNIX environments and multimedia applications, and
     offers subsecond online transaction processing performance with 24-hour
     availability. Locking facilities feature custom locking definitions, disk
     mirroring, and automatic database recovery after system failure. Additional
     features include: on-line archiving, fine tuning, and a cost-based optimizer.
     OnLine provides each user with individual server processing for utilization
     of multiprocessor systems.
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