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Informix NewEra ViewPoint Pro
    Informix NewEra ViewPoint Pro
    Client/Server and Host Application Development Tools
        = 1996 
    A suite of graphical development tools designed to provide a codeless
    development environment for creating small- to mid-sized database
    applications for both data-entry and access purposes. Features a graphical
    form painter, report writer, and application screen builder (for creating
    user-menu systems), as well as a database schema builder, SQL editor, and
    "Super View" builder (for creating highly specialized views to the database
    that simplify the access, retrieval, and analysis of data from relational
    databases). Each component is integrated with an intuitive, mouse-driven
    environment that lets users develop graphical applications without writing
    code. Available on Windows.
      Informix Software Inc.
        = Menlo Park, CA 415–926–6300, 800–331–1763 
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