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Illustra TimeSeries DataBlade
    Illustra TimeSeries DataBlade
    Database Servers and Host DBMSs
        = 1996 
      Windows NT
    A module for the Illustra object-relational DBMS that manages time-series
    and temporal data. Supports a regularly repeating time-stamped series of
    any type or assortment of data, such as integer, floating point numbers,
    currency, text fields, spatial information that can be represented in
    digital form, or any structure of combination of these. The granularity of
    time recording can be in a variety of units. Supports two new data types,
    time series and calendars, and more than 40 functions to manage them.
    Illustra's DataBlade modules can be combined to support any combination of
    multimedia and complex data. Runs under SunOS, Solaris/SPARC, Silicon
    Graphics, and Windows NT. Pricing starts at $1495 per single concurrent
    user.= Pricing starts at $1495 per single concurrent user 
    = 1996 
      Illustra Information Technologies Inc.
        = Oakland, CA 510–652–8000 
        HTTP= http://www.illustra.com ->