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Illustra Server 3.x
    Illustra Server 3.x
    Database Servers and Host DBMSs
        = 1996 
      Windows NT
    An object-relational DBMS that allows Internet/Web-based ad hoc content
    query of text, spatial, financial, image, video, and traditional relational
    data types using SQL. Combines the best features of object and relational
    DBMSs. Combined with the DataBlade module for your data (a plug-in module
    that gives the database expertise for a specific data type), Illustra
    becomes "content aware" for multimedia and complex data types. The
    expertise for managing data is in the database manager, allowing the
    application to focus on the solution instead of dealing with the complexity
    of multimedia data. Uses an advanced rule system that centrally controls
    access to the database, resulting in database management technology
    specialized for the task of managing media assets. Runs on SunOS,
    Solaris/SPARC, Silicon Graphics, Windows NT, and HP-UX. Pricing starts at
    $1250 per concurrent user for a minimum five-user license. An optional
    Illustra C++ Interface (starting at $395 per developer) transforms the
    underlying mechanism for communicating with the server into a high-level
    collection of C++ classes. This Microsoft COM-compatible tool reduces code
    and makes it easy to create, debug, and modify applications for the
    Illustra Server. The Illustra C++ Interface runs on Windows NT.= $1250 per concurrent user for a minimum five-user license 
    = 1996 
      Illustra Information Technologies Inc.
        = Oakland, CA 510–652–8000 
        HTTP= http://www.illustra.com ->