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ISYS Image
    ISYS Image
    Multimedia and Document DBMSs and Tools
        = 1996 
    An imaging and full-text search-and-retrieval system that automatically
    scans, performs OCR on, and indexes paper documents. These paper documents,
    along with electronic text files, documents, images, video, and multimedia
    on PCs, LANs, and WANs, are candidates for instantaneous access via the
    ISYS full-text search-and-retrieval engine. ISYS Image is tightly
    integrated with the current version of ISYS, and they contain all of the
    functionality of ISYS 4.0 including: natural language queries, ODBC
    compliance, enhanced image viewing, a Microsoft Access interface,
    intelligent data handling, text and graphic annotations, leading wildcard
    searching, hypertext links, and fuzzy precompensation -- perfect for OCR
    text. More than 40 supported file formats including more than 25
    word-processor formats plus RTF and ASCII, Zip files, spreadsheets, and
    databases, with no data preparation required. All of the ISYS products are
    available for Windows. ISYS 4.0 for Windows: $435 for a single user. ISYS
    Image: $1595. Network versions available.= for Windows: $435 for a single user 
    = 1996 
      ISYS/Odyssey Development Inc.
        = Englewood, CO 303–689–9998 
        HTTP= http://www.isysdev.com ->