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IDB Object Database for Windows (V.2.0)
    IDB Object Database for Windows (V.2.0)
      Windows 3.X
      Windows 3.X
    = Maint. fee 15% of list price per yr.; Limited 
    free phone support- 
    Distributed object-oriented database programmable in ANSI C. Supports
    multiple inheritance, polymorphism, binding, transactions for
    concurrency control, versioning, linking, heterogeneous networks and
    exceptions. Includes interactive schema designer and database
    browser. Applications portable across all supported platforms.- 
    A distributed object database that allows developers to define and
    manipulate objects of arbitrary size and complexity. Organized in a
    multiple inheritance class hierarchy, these objects have both data
    (attributes) and associated behavior (operations). Object classes and
    their attributes are defined interactively using the IDB schema
    designer. Object operations are programmed in ANSI C. Objects are
    clustered for performance and can be stored anywhere in a networked
    file system. Supports polymorphism, dynamic binding, quick-fit storage
    allocation, garbage collection, long and nested transactions,
    versioning, and exception handling. Both schema and operations can be
    stored in the database and dynamically linked when an application is
    invoked, or either can be linked when the application is built. IDB
    tools aid in prototyping, program evolution and debugging. The IDB
    browser provides full interactive access to all IDB capabilities,
    including the ability to view, navigate and change IDB objects and
    invoke IDB operations. Applications can run standalone or
    distributed, and can be configured with or without the browser and
    portable display manager. Applications are portable and data can be
    shared across heterogeneous networks of all supported platforms.
      object-oriented technology
    = 2 MB 
    EMS= Yes 
    MOUSE= Yes 
    = $995 
    = 1993