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HyperHelp 5.1
    HyperHelp 5.1
    Help Systems
        = 1996 
      Windows 95
    An online help facility for Unix and OpenVMS applications. Lets users add
    context-sensitive help to their applications via a one-line function call.
    Can use the same RTF, project, and graphic files as the Windows Help
    system, thus allowing for single-source help files and cross-platform
    consistency in look and feel. Consists of a compiler and a viewer. In
    addition to the RTF input files, supports FrameMaker 5 MIF files, SGML, and
    HTML files as input. The HyperHelp Viewer has the same functionality as the
    Windows 95 viewer, with features such as jumps, pop-up definitions, keyword
    searches, browsing, history, segmented bitmaps, and a complete macro
      Bristol Technology Inc.
        = Ridgefield, CT 203–438–6969 
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