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Heuristic Optimized Processing System (HOPS)
    Heuristic Optimized Processing System (HOPS)
        = 1996 
        = 1997 
    A new technology that can complete any data-processing task involving the
     manipulation and retrieval of data. Handles files in the multiterabyte
     range, performs complex joins, and indexes, sorts, and retrieves data.
     Uses heuristic algorithms to determine and assign the most efficient processing
     method. The user is not required to optimize a preselected set of access
     paths, or preprocess data during the load and update phase. Incorporates
     a relational database engine that places no restrictions on how the data
     is structured or accessed. Provides diverse installed data warehousing
     applications such as micro-marketing, fraud detection, sales analysis,
     inventory analysis, actuarial analysis, manufacturing process analysis,
     environmental assessment system, GIS, and more. HOPS servers are currently
     available for Digital Alpha and Solaris. Can perform multiple tasks simultaneously
     and take full advantage of scalable SMP hardware performance. License
     fee: $10,000 per month during development, then $20,000 per monthin production,
     or $500,000 one-time license fee.= License fee: $10,000 per month during development, then $20,000 per monthin production, or $500,000 one-time license fee 
    = 1997 
    = 1996