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    HS ODBC/400
    Middleware and Connectivity Tools
        = 1996 
      Windows 95
      Windows NT
      Windows for Workgroups
    Provides an ODBC driver for Windows applications to access databases
    running on the IBM AS/400. Uses a multiprotocol approach to maximize speed.
    Runs with all popular ODBC Windows applications; provides a full-featured
    API compliant with ODBC Level 2 requirements; supports extended SQL grammar
    (the highest conformance level specified for ODBC); compliant with ODBC
    2.0; works with the most common APPC routers (IBM, NetSoft, WallData,
    Eicon, MS SNA server, and NetWare for SAA); does not require gateways or
    special software on the AS/400; interacts with both SQL and non-SQL AS/400
    DBMSs; and comes with debugging tools for developers and for MIS support
    personnel. 16-bit version available for Windows and Windows for Workgroups;
    32-bit version available for Windows 95 and Windows NT. Single-user
    license: $295.= license: $295 
    = 1996