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Foxspell Checker
    Foxspell Checker
    Libraries, Components, and Frameworks
        = 1996 
    programmers. Lets end users spellcheck their memos and character fields
    while editing. They can also spellcheck ASCII text files. When a suspicious
    word is found, the user can ignore it, edit it, or ask for suggestions. The
    spelling suggestion system uses multiple search strategies that range from
    sound comparisons to lexical analysis. Repeated words can also be detected.
    Users can add an unlimited number of words to the dictionary during
    spellchecking. They can also upload new words from text files. The
    spellchecker can be called anywhere in the application via the FoxPro
    system menu or from a hot key. It can even be set up to check every field
    in a record or table automatically. Fully multiuser, and it comes with
    complete royalty-free source code written in Visual FoxPro 3.2, FoxPro
    Windows 2.x, or DOS/Unix 2.x. Includes a 60,000-word business dictionary
    and a 195,000-word business, scientific, and technical dictionary. $199.= $199 
    = 1996 
      Strategic Edge
        = San Francisco, CA 415–563–3755