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    Client/Server and Host Application Development Tools
        = 1996 
    A workflow-enabling developer's tool designed to help build workflow logic
    so that it is maintained as a reusable component, separate from the
    application. Lets developers build applications with workflow logic so that
    changes to the application are made to either the workflow engine, the
    application's interface, or the data access. Designed to execute
    applications, or wait for the conclusion of an application before a task
    continues. Data about the task is made available to executing programs (if
    they are FlowBuilder-enabled) and information can be captured about
    programs. Status information can also be used for decision branching in
    later steps of the task. Tasks are able to queue (schedule) other tasks
    that may or may not be assigned to the individual performing the task. Task
    convergence is provided so that work performed by diverse groups can be
    converged and assigned for completion after all the converging tasks are
    completed, and task rendezvous is provided so that a task can be scheduled
    for completion after a particular event has occurred.