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Financial Analysis
    Financial Analysis
    Business and Financial Applications
        = 1996 
    A multidimensional decision-support tool that provides access to financial
    information. Auto-configuration of the data repository based on information
    in FourGen's general ledger module eliminates much of the setup process.
    Integration with Microsoft Office provides enterprise-wide access to
    information in industry-standard formats. Reports are created using an
    advanced visual drag-and-drop interface and can be viewed as grid, graph,
    or map objects and dynamically toggled from one object type to another. A
    multiple document interface (MDI) makes analysis of comparative information
    easy. Multidimensional crosstab and drilldown provide reporting
    flexibility. Alerts allow managers to identify exception conditions.
    Threshold analysis allows managers to visually identify business trends.
    Intelligent Agents gather only the information that is important to users
    while the users perform other tasks. Integrates with the general ledger
    module and supports Windows standards including OLE and ODBC.