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FYI Sales
    FYI Sales
    Business and Financial Applications
        = 1996 
    Database is configured to fit the user's business, operates with large,
    multiple sources determined by users, and organizes data in multiple
    dimensions, views, and levels to support users' needs. Features DSS
    applications, OLAP technology, client/server architecture, object-oriented
    design, and a GUI. The "Bookmark" capabilities let users save and recall
    their analysis reflecting the most recent data available. Analyses can be
    viewed by year, quarter, month, week, current period, and so on. Lets users
    perform what-if analyses and produce customized reports and graphs using
    the most current sales data. Drill-down capabilities focus on problem areas
    or opportunities at various levels; ad hoc reporting includes share
    computing, ranking, and setting exception criteria. Enables users to
    compare current period to previous time periods, review actuals against
    sales quotas and expectations, and evaluate actuals against syndicated data
    to determine market share. Provides headquarters and field sales with
    remote dial-up capabilities. Pricing starts at $175,000.= Pricing starts at $175,000 
    = 1996 
      Think Systems Corp.
        = Parsippany, NJ 201–299–7177