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Enterprise Workbench
    Enterprise Workbench
    Client/Server and Host Application Development Tools
        = 1996 
    OS/2, and DOS; database tools for creating applications that access
    industry-standard data sources; and optional tools for enterprise data
    access and conductivity. Visual design tools include a layout editor for
    visually organizing an application interface; drawing, text, and menu
    editors for creating and editing various components of an application; and
    an attribute editor for defining and editing attributes of various
    application components. Visual debugging tools include an interactive
    debugger for executing the application continuously or statement by
    statement, trace facilities for visually monitoring program execution, and
    stack windows for viewing response block, action routines, and subroutines.
    An incremental compiler works in the background. Other features include a
    parts catalog and a project-view manager. The Easel language is used for
    developing graphics, communications, and database access routines.
    Nonprocedural, event-driven, and object-based. Provides full 32-bit support
    as well as strings, arrays, and structures limited in size only by
    available system memory.
      Easel Corp.
        = Burlington, MA 617–221–3000