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Enterprise Knowledge Server (EKS)
    Enterprise Knowledge Server (EKS)
      Windows 3.X
      Windows 3.X
    Standalone or networked Windows-based information exchange for
    corporate data. Provides program-independent technique for accessing
    multidimensional data from corporate databases and delivering it to
    spreadsheets, executive information systems, presentation graphics and
    other programs. Consists of automated navigation, information scope,
    data definition, application linking and others.
      financial planning and analysis
    = No 
    EMS= Yes 
    MOUSE= Yes 
    = $600 
    = 1993 
      Metapraxis, Inc.
          Metapraxis, Inc.
              900 3rd Ave., 36th Fl., New York, NY 10022
                = 800–654–5121; 212–935–4322 
                = Use main no. 
                = 212–935–0721 
            Software Products Division