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Empress RDBMS
    Empress RDBMS
        = 1996 
        = 1997 
      IBM AIX
    An application development tool that features data manipulation options,
     integrity and recovery, portability, and unlimited storage capacity. Empress
     RDBMS can store and retrieve any digitized data, such as X-rays, voices,
     fingerprints, maps, and instrumentation readings. Applications include
     weather forecasting, space exploration, flight simulation, and image and
     voice management. With an ANSI-standard SQL interface and a variety of
     language interface options, including C, Fortran, and Ada, this tool makes
     it easy to develop custom routines and gives programmers an array of data
     manipulation options. Includes Empress Report Writer, which lets users
     develop customized reports combining data from Empress 4GL applications,
     multiple Empress databases, and system files. Also available is Personal
     Empress, the single-user version of the full-function Empress RDBMS. It
     includes the Empress RDBMS, 4GL, GUI builder, Dynamic SQL, and Hypermedia,
     and is available on Linux, Solaris, IBM AIX, SCO, SGI/Irix, and SolarisX86
     platforms. Contact vendor for pricing.= 1996