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Empress 4GL/Empress GUI
    Empress 4GL/Empress GUI
        = 1996 
        = 1997 
    Lets users create, modify, and maintain Empress RDBMS applications. Empress
     4GL works in conjunction with Empress RDBMS, letting programmers create
     screens, incorporate data-integrity checks, define application logic,
     and develop help prompts and menus. Includes an intelligent application
     generator, a subsystem that automatically builds screens, establishes
     default function keys, joins multiple databases and tables into logical
     views, and allows for the incorporation of basic program logic. Lets programmers
     call other Empress components and generate operating system commands,
     allowing for flexibility in applications development. Developed under
     X-Windows and Motif, Empress GUI provides an object-oriented development
     environment for creating interactive and graphical applications. The mouse-driven
     interface gives developers a palette of point-and-click tools to give
     their applications the look and feel they desire within the Motif framework.
     Contact vendor for pricing.= 1996