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EasyCASE Professional Workgroup Edition
    EasyCASE Professional Workgroup Edition
        = 1997 
      Windows 3.1
      Windows 95
    A CASE tool that provides support for structured analysis and design using
     a wide selection of structured methodologies for process, data, and state-event
     modeling. EasyCASE supports methodologies by Yourdon-DeMarco, Gane &
     Sarson, Ward-Mellor (realtime), Yourdon-Constantine, SSADM, Chen, Martin,
     and IDEF1X using dataflow diagrams (including realtime), state transition
     diagrams, structure charts, entity-relationship diagrams, and more. Features
     a chart editor, data dictionary, report generator, and model analysis
     tools. EasyCASE is a 16-bit application for Windows 3.1 that also runs
     on Windows 95 and NT.= 1996 
      Evergreen Software Tools Inc.