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EasyCASE Database Engineer for PowerBuilder
    EasyCASE Database Engineer for PowerBuilder
    CASE, Database Design, and Modeling Tools
    Designs and documents PowerBuilder applications. Used with EasyCASE
    Professional 4.2, it lets users create graphical data models of their
    PowerBuilder databases, visually defining the system design for
    specification, documentation, and maintenance. Design information can be
    exchanged between it and PowerBuilder. The interface imports, exports, and
    updates PowerBuilder-extended attributes. The visual synchronize feature
    reconciles data as changes are made -- users select which categories and
    specific attributes to import, export, or synchronize. Once extended
    attributes are imported, users then create a data model in EasyCASE and
    manipulate it. Extended attributes are updated and reconciled when exported
    back into PowerBuilder. Lets users transform or migrate a PowerBuilder
    database design from one database type to another. Other features include
    extended attributes editors; rules editors for edit styles, display
    formats, and validation rules; and ODBC compliance. Protects PowerBuilder
    data by storing it in the EasyCASE data dictionary, allowing data to be
    retrieved when needed. Users can reverse-engineer the database tables being
    created with PowerBuilder. Works with PowerBuilder Desktop and Enterprise
    3.0/4.0, and requires EasyCASE Professional 4.2. DBE/PB: $995; EasyCASE
    Professional-DBE/PB bundle: $1795.=DBE/PB: $995; EasyCASE Professional-DBE/PB bundle: $1795 
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