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EasyCASE Database Engineer (DBE) 1.0 for Windows
    EasyCASE Database Engineer (DBE) 1.0 for Windows
    CASE, Database Design, and Modeling Tools
    Adds forward-engineering (schema generation), reverse-engineering, and
    enhanced data modeling capabilities to EasyCASE Professional 4.2 for
    Windows. Creates tables and indexes, and improves data integrity with
    support for domains, stored procedures, triggers, primary keys, foreign
    keys, and referential-integrity constraints on applicable databases.
    Enables schema generation and reverse-engineering of a wide range of SQL,
    Xbase, Access, and Paradox databases by connecting to them via ODBC
    drivers. Users can go directly to the target database when creating a
    system. The graphical conceptual models created with EasyCASE Professional
    can be translated into actual physical database structures. Lets users read
    and understand the structure of their existing database system. Helps
    capture the structures of tables, indexes, and primary and foreign keys.
    Requires EasyCASE Professional 4.2. DBE: $695; EasyCASE Professional-DBE
    Bundle: $1495.=DBE: $695; EasyCASE Professional-DBE Bundle: $1495 
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