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EasyCASE Database Engineer
    EasyCASE Database Engineer
      Windows 3.1
      Windows 95
    Database Engineer (DBE) adds extended data modeling and database forward-
     and reverse-engineering facilities to EasyCASE Professional. DBE can run
     standalone or be launched within EasyCASE and extends EasyCASE's capabilities
     for developing desktop and client/server databases. DBE provides support
     for domains, stored procedures, triggers, and foreign keys on applicable
     databases. Forward- and reverse-engineering of a wide range of desktop
     and client/server databases is achieved via your ODBC driver. Includes
     an enhanced record editor and a record browser. DBE is a 16-bit application
     for Windows 3.1. Also runs on Windows 95 and NT.=1996 
      Evergreen Software Tools Inc.