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EZ-Forms Database (V.4.02)
    EZ-Forms Database (V.4.02)
    = phone support; tech support via BBS 
    dBase-compatible relational database with forms processing
    capabilities. Allows user to create database from any existing form,
    merge or append other database files, choose which fields show up on
    form and where and modify database format. Provides native DBF format
    for dBase III, III+ and IV. Includes query, seek, find, browse, memo
    fields, keyboard macros, duplicate search mode and multiple indexes.- 
    Integrates data management with full forms processing. While filling
    out form, information is entered into database. Searches for
    particular form by typing keystrokes. Generates various printed
    reports from single forms data. Fills in forms by retrieving existing
    information in any database. Data is automatically stored in
    database. Reads and writes files in industry standard dBase file
    format. User may use data that has been created by other dBase
    compatible programs. Includes 2.1 billion records and 1,000
    fields/record, bound only by available disk space. Full tutorial
    automatically sets up all files on hard drive as a unique database.
    Includes extensive on-line manual and context-sensitive help. Creates
    database from any existing form and matches database to any existing
    form. Applications include files, invoice, time billing, PO,
    inventory, shopping, phonebook, checks, cities and Ezindexer (circular
    card file). Unlimited relational look-ups speed data entry by
    automatic reading/writing of related information from/to other
    databases. Provides query, seek, find and browse modes to efficiently
    scan records. FOO Mode protects master forms from unauthorized
    changes. Views database in any form and reports with headers.
    Modifies database format to add/delete fields and change field names,
    sizes and types. Chooses which fields show up on forms and where.
    Includes multiple indexes, macros, memo fields, field validation,
    directory navigation, labels, forms printing, laser font support pack
    and predefined or user-defined forms.
      document management
      macro utility
    = 640 KB 
    = 1 MB 
    = No 
    EMS= No 
    MOUSE= No 
    = $149 (single-user); $695-$995 (multi-user); $5,995 and up 
    (license)= 30,000 
    = 1992 
      EZX Publishing & Distributing
          EZX Publishing & Distributing
              917 Oakgrove Dr., Ste. 101–110, Houston, TX 77058–3046
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