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ERwin/ERX Family
    ERwin/ERX Family
    CASE, Database Design, and Modeling Tools
    A database design tool for client/server development that lets users point
    and click to design a graphical, entity-relationship (ER) model of the
    business rules governing the data in their applications. Features forward-
    and reverse-engineering, and gives users a direct connection to their
    system catalog, creating a data model straight from their database tables.
    Changes to the data model can be forward-engineered to update the current
    database, or used to create a new database in more than 20 supported DBMSs.
    Tables, indexes, referential integrity (primary key and foreign key),
    defaults, domain/column constraints, and thousands of lines of stored
    procedure and trigger code, are all generated automatically, providing a
    solid foundation for new development. Also available in versions that
    support Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, or SQLWindows, synchronizing
    application development with the database design. Extended attributes can
    be captured and defined from within the ERwin data model itself and passed
    through a bidirectional link, providing the client side with a blueprint
    consistent with the server. Ready-to-run, data-aware Visual Basic and
    SQLWindows Forms and PowerBuilder DataWindows can be generated directly
    from the ERwin database design.
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