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ERwin product family
    ERwin product family
        = 1997 
    ERwin is a database design tool that helps users design a graphical, entity-relationship
     model of the business rules governing an application's data. ERwin's
     Server FRE (Forward- and Reverse-Engineering) connection allows it to
     generate a database directly from the data model, or reverse-engineer
     an existing database into a model. ERwin automatically generates tables,
     indexes, referential integrity (primary key and foreign key), defaults,
     domain/column constraints, and thousands of lines of stored procedure
     and trigger code, adding production and providing a foundation for new
     application development. ERwin/ERX generates all major databases. ERwin/OPEN
     extends ERwin's capabilities by speeding front-end application development
     in Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, and Progress. ERwin/Navigator provides
     developers withcost-effective, read-only access to ERwin models.= 1996