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ENFIN Smalltalk 4.1
    ENFIN Smalltalk 4.1
    Client/Server and Host Application Development Tools
    debugger, workspace, transcript window, and other tools customary of a
    Smalltalk environment. Enfin extends this base of tools with a visual
    screen designer, report writer, database administration tools, plus tools
    for building SQL queries, financial models, and business graphics. Supports
    a wide range of connectivity options and supports access to all major
    RDBMSs plus EHLLAPI, APPC, TCP/IP, and Named Pipes. System support provided
    for DDE, DLLs, and OLE. A member of the Object Studio family of
    object-oriented, Smalltalk-based, visual development tools for building
    large-scale production client/server applications.
      Easel Corp.
        =Burlington, MA 617–221–2100