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EDI Reference
    EDI Reference
    CASE, Database Design, and Modeling Tools
      Windows 3.1
    products designed to browse the Electronic Commerce Standard, a standard
    for the exchange of processable business information between software
    applications. EDI Knowledge is a compendium of EDI information on EDI
    software, service, suppliers, design, and structure, with useful examples.
    EDI Insight is a standards management system that wraps both the ANSI X12
    and UN/EDIFACT standards into one interface. EDI Vision provides a utility
    to build and print EDI-compliant database structures. EDI Reference is
    available for the IBM PC, and runs on Windows 3.1 or later. $200.=$200 
      TradeRights (USA) Inc.
        =Malibu, CA 310–230–2066, 800–273–8827